Repairing cutting tool in Norway

Country of sale: Norway
Customer (company) name:John Carew
Industry engaged: Repair cutting tool
Purchased model:ST-25
Purchase quantity:3
purchase time:2017.7
Usage:Repair cutting tool
Anyang ST-40 hammer arrived his Norway owner shop. Owner very like it.
Jiahua Machinery is a professional manufacturer plant produce power hammers (15kg 25kg 40kg 55kg 75kg )and hydraulic press (30ton and 50 ton)for blacksmith , blade-smith etc. because good design, smooth and soft controls , affordable price , local dealer service times, Anyang ST hammer is very popular with world blacksmiths. Have exported them to USA, Canada, Australia, France, UK, Norway, Indonesia, Philippine, Brazil etc countries.
Hope you will be the next buyer.

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