Production of Damascus and outdoor tools in Australia

Country of sale: Australia
Customer (company) name:Bluce
Industry engaged: Wrought iron, hardware tools,  
Purchased model:ST-40 & ST-15
Purchase quantity:2
purchase time:2018.6
Usage: Production of Damascus and outdoor tools
Hello everyone, I am Bluce from Australia, I am an old blacksmith who has been forging for decades.
Before, I used a lot of hammers, there were hammers from Turkey, hammers from Spain, hammers from other manufacturers in China, and hammers that had not been used in Anyang because it was more expensive, but later found that the hammers in Turkey were too light and not strong enough. It is always necessary to forge many times to be successful; the hammer of Spain is old because of its technology, and many places are not too reasonable and cumbersome. The other hammers in China are rough, and the materials are very general. The control of the light hits is not good, and the oil leakage is also serious.
Finally, I chose the air hammer of Jiahua Machinery. Although it is more expensive, the hammer is really beautiful. The whole body stainless steel screw and hammer head mold are all die steel materials. The lubrication system can be adjusted by itself, and it is convenient to tap and re-control. Now that I have been using it for almost a year, the performance is very stable and there are no other problems. I am particularly satisfied. Thank you ST staff.

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