Production Damascus and outdoor tools in USA

Country of sale: USA
Customer (company) name:dustin.hearst
Industry engaged: Wrought iron, Manufacturing tool, 
Purchased model:ST-40 & ST-75
Purchase quantity:2
purchase time:2018.6
Usage: Production Damascus and outdoor tools
Dear friend, I am very happy to share my heart with you again. This is the third time I bought the air hammer of ST company. The first time I used it myself, and later I bought my ST hammer for my friend Nathan.
Thanks to the use of the most advanced air hammer of the latest technology, my productivity has been greatly improved, his forging speed is very fast, and the blow is also very powerful. The knife produced by the hammer is very strong, which makes my knife The quality has been greatly improved, and users like it very much.
So I quickly expanded my production scale, this time I bought again after expanding production scale. Now, I am already a dealer of ST Air Hammer in the United States. I will tell every blacksmith friend such a good hammer. I hope that our cooperation will get better and better.

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