Making wrought iron doors and windows in France

Country of sale: France
Customer (company) name:Victor Hugo
Industry engaged: Wrought iron doors and Windows,
Purchased model:ST-40kg
Purchase quantity:1
purchase time:2018.2
Usage: Wrought iron doors and Windows
Hello, I am very excited to tell you that I have received my air hammer and have started using it. When I received it, I was very surprised. I can't believe that China's air hammer can do so beautifully. Especially when I started using it, I felt that it was very convenient to operate, which is easier than I thought. The lubrication system is very good, the lubricant can be controlled and it is very environmentally friendly. The hammerhead is made of special materials, which makes me very satisfied. When I use it, the sound and vibration are not very big. This week, I am going to hold a small iron forging exchange to let more friends know about my air hammer. Thanks again to ST for providing me with such a great air hammer, I hope we have the opportunity to continue to cooperate.

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