Making agricultural tools in South Africa

Country of sale: South Africa
Customer (company) name:John Paul
Industry engaged: Farm tools, agricultural machinery parts,  
Purchased model:ST-25
Purchase quantity:2
purchase time:2019.3
Usage: Shovel, fork and other types of agricultural tools and agricultural machinery parts production
Dear ST company, hello, my hammer has been bought since I have been used. For my reasons, there have been no three power sources here, which makes me confused.
Later, after knowing my situation, ST company took out the solution for me and changed the single motor for me so that my hammer can work normally. Thank you very much.
I used to be forging products by hand. I was very tired. Later I wanted to buy a hammer, but I saw a lot of air hammers on the Internet. I don’t know which hammer is good.
Later, I bought the well-known Anyang Hammer, because China is also very close to us. The performance of this air hammer is very good and beautiful, especially the responsible attitude of Jiahua Machinery, which made me very moved.
I will introduce the ST hammer to all my friends and hope that your company is getting better and better.

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