Making agricultural tools in Canada

Country of sale: Canada
Customer (company) name:Peter
Industry engaged:Damascus knife,  
Purchased model:ST-40
Purchase quantity:1
purchase time:2019.3
Usage: Shovel, fork and other types of agricultural tools and agricultural machinery parts production
I am very glad that you can give me the sales agency in Canada and thank you for your trust. I have successfully held a tool forging exchange with my ST hammer, which is very good. They really like this 40 ST air hammer. It has won a lot of respect, it is really beautiful, and the operation is flexible, light and heavy, the hammer feels very strong, the parts and materials are very good, and it is very powerful. 
Even more surprising is that ST can deliver the hammer to me within two weeks. This production speed is too fast, which is good for me to sell hammers for you in the future!
I believe that I can do it well because Anyang Hammer is indeed the best hammer in the world. At the very least, as a blacksmith, I especially like it! 
Thank you again! I hope we can cooperate happily!

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