Forging with Jiahua hydraulic forging press in USA

Country of sale: USA
Customer (company) name:Nathan
Industry engaged:Wrought iron, produce tools,  
Purchased model:STY-30
Purchase quantity:1
purchase time:2019.5
Usage: Damascus, outdoor tool making
Today, I am very happy to tell all the friends of ST supplier that your hydraulic forging press is really great. Everyone knows what the press means for our knife maker. We need to use it to quickly put together all kinds of materials, which is difficult and very slow.
The original equipment was very rudimentary and cumbersome and inflexible. However, we have been unable to find better equipment. Thanks to JIAOHUA company, we have provided such a good hydraulic forging press for our knifesmith. I like it very much, which makes my tooling efficiency much better, and the pressing speed is fast and accurate is also not bad, I like it very much.

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