Forging with Jiahua hydraulic forging press in Australia

Country of sale: Australia
Customer (company) name:Bray
Industry engaged:Wrought iron, produce tools,  
Purchased model:STY-50
Purchase quantity:1
purchase time:2019.2
Usage: Damascus, outdoor tool making
ST hydraulic forging press is as good as ST forging hammer. With these two things, my studio can be said to be awesome.
What I didn't think of was that the hydraulic press was controlled by PLC. It has three actions and can be pressed quickly.
Heavy pressure and light pressure, you can also tap continuously, it is really great. Although the structure of the whole hydraulic machine is simple, it is very strong, and the valve block and electric are world famous brands, and the performance is very stable.
I hope more friends can use this kind of press from ST company, and I am very grateful to ST for everything we have done for our knife!

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