Forging with CNC hammer in Romania

Country of sale: Romania
Customer (company) name:SBEED TIGER company
Industry engaged:hardware tools,  
Purchased model: 31.5KJ (1.5tons)
Purchase quantity:1
purchase time:2018.7
Usage: All kinds of high-end tools 
SBEED TIGER company is one high-end tool manufacturer in Vietnam. The efficiency of the  old-fashioned electric press used in the past is too low. The most serious thing is that the scrap rate is too high, which results in high production costs.
CNC hammer has always been the ideal equipment for the tool industry, but the price of equipment in Germany is too high and the investment is too big.
Later, we found that China can produce such equipment, which can compete with the German equipment, and its accuracy is also good.
So we let JIAHUA company make a sample at first. After the success, we signed the contract. Now the equipment has been installed, the production was started, and all aspects of performance are good. We are quite satisfied, thanks JIAHUA company, the next step, we will continue to choose ST company cooperation!

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