Forging blanks of hand tool in UK

Country of sale: United Kingdom
Customer (company) name: Phyo Lay
Industry engaged: hand tools
Purchased model:ST-15
Purchase quantity:2
purchase time:2017.4
Usage:forging blanks of hand tool
My name is Phyo Lay, I am from the UK. I mainly produce hand tools like axe, hammer, sickle, pliers, etc. I used to rely on a belt-driven hammer to produce my products.
The kind of hammer is not easy to control, and it is very dangerous to strike, and the vibration is still very big. Later, I purchased the ST air hammer. This kind of hammer is very easy to use. It is also relatively simple to operate. There are two modes, light and heavy, and the impact force is relatively large. My production speed is much faster than before. I really like this hammer. It is very good. 

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