8 Pipes Making

8 Pipes Making


Hardware tools as a large tool for hand tools, including hand tools such as various types of wrenches, have long been accompanied by many problems such as poor precision, rough manufacturing, and short service life. The original forging equipment friction press not only has low forging efficiency, but also has a high scrap rate and high energy consumption. The emergence of electro-hydraulic die forging hammer and CNC die forging hammer has brought subversive changes to the hardware tool industry, which not only reduces the forging cost, reduces the scrap rate, improves the quality of forgings, but also makes mass production possible and greatly improved production efficiency. The most important thing is that the hardware tools produced by the forging hammer are better than the metal structure of the forging produced by the press, and the quality is higher. At present, electro-hydraulic hammer is the most common and best production equipment in the hardware tool industry.

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