2 Wrought Iron

2 Wrought Iron


Metal art products, mainly due to long-term limitations of equipment and technology, have been mainly based on casting. The improvement of forging hammer technology has made forging metal art possible, and even forged metal art has gone to thousands of households and various industries. Compared to cast iron, forged metal art is not only regular in shape, but also sharp and full, and flat, with a distinctly beautiful appearance and superior quality. The application of forging hammer in the wrought iron industry has greatly improved the production efficiency of iron art, and also realized the large-scale and batch production of forged metal art.

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Knives Forging

Wrought Iron

Hardware Making

Auto Spare Parts

Agricultural Implements

Engineering Machinery

Machinery Repairs

Pipes Making

Jewelry Processing

Rigging Forging

Mining Machinery

Valve Making

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