1 Knives Forging

1 Knives Forging


Thousands of hammers, which is the application of the hammer in the knives industry. The knives cover all aspects of life, for example, outdoor knives are mainly Damascus knives, the sports knives are mainly Japanese samurai swords, the life knives are mainly Chinese kitchen knives, and there are other knives in various industries, such as gardening and slaughtering. The quality of the tool is determined by the metal structure of the steel used. Through forging steel billets, repeated folding, forging and heating, the metal structure and mechanical properties can be improved, the internal density of the metal can be enhanced, and the overall quality of the forged knives can be greatly improved. Therefore, as a revolutionary equipment in the tool industry, forging hammer can not only forge higher quality tools, but also greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency of the knives. It is the most widely used and critical equipment in the knives industry.

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Knives Forging

Wrought Iron

Hardware Making

Auto Spare Parts

Agricultural Implements

Engineering Machinery

Machinery Repairs

Pipes Making

Jewelry Processing

Rigging Forging

Mining Machinery

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