Hydraulic Forging Press

The 30T hydraulic forging press for sale, 50T hydraulic forging press for sale and 100T hydraulic forging press for sale produced by our company are mainly used in various processes of metal material forging, such as: upsetting, punching, reaming, shifting, rough turning, cutting, bending, lengthening, etc. .
This blacksmith hydraulic press is a universal forged hydraulic press.It can be used in free forging processes for various shapes of parts, such as extension, upsetting, punching, hot shearing, forging, bending, twisting and other processes.
It is also suitable for punching, blanking, bending, correction and shallow drawing.In the automotive, tractor, motor, electrical, instrumentation, daily hardware and defense industry applications.

Technical Advantages

Multi-level overload protection´╝îComprehensive protection of equipment safety

The hydraulic system has multi-level overload protection, which include oil temperature alarm system, oil level alarm protection system and other automatic protection devices. Our technology department have developed many clever designs to ensure the running safety of equipment.

PLC control system, easy for operating

The electrical system uses PLC control technology to ensure the safety of equipment and operators. The PLC controlling system is the one which has been tested for many years both in our technology department and some users, so that this PLC controlling system is proven to be stable and practically.

Fast oil returning, efficient oil replenishing, high forging efficiency

The working cylinders under pressure use the large-flow liquid filling valve and the auxiliary fuel tank to supply liquid at the same time, which can realize the oil returning during fast oil filling, oil replenishing and lifting, effectively saving the forging auxiliary time and improving the forging efficiency.

Reliable cooling circulation system, reliable operation

The equipment is equipped with a reliable cooling circulation system, which can stably control the temperature rise and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.

Application field

Knives Forging

Wrought Iron

Hardware Making

Auto Spare Parts

Agricultural Implements

Engineering Machinery

Machinery Repairs

Pipes Making

Jewelry Processing

Rigging Forging

Mining Machinery

Valve Making

Details show

The hydraulic forging press is mainly composed of three parts: the main machine, the hydraulic control system and the electric control system.
The main machine includes a workbench, a guide column, a slider, an upper cylinder, an ejection cylinder and the like; the hydraulic system is composed of a control component, an actuator component, an auxiliary component, a power device, a working medium, etc.; the electrical control system is mainly composed of a relay and a contactor , buttons, travel switches, electrical control cabinets and other components.


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