Hydraulic Power Hammer

The hydraulic power hammer produced by our company is a high-efficiency and energy-saving new product liquid-gas hybrid hydraulic power hammer developed on the basis of steam-air hammer imported from the Soviet Union or Europe and the United States. The energy utilization rate of this forging hammer is over 90%, the energy saving effect is quite obvious, and the air pollution caused by the burning boiler is effectively discarded.
Anyang hammer is easy to operate, high precision, obvious energy saving, low maintenance cost, and is divided into liquid-gas hydraulic power hammer and full-hydraulic power hammer.

Technical Advantages

Save energy, environmental protection

The energy utilization rate of such ANYANG hammer is above 90%, which can save much energy and replace the old steam type hammer; ANYANG hammer is also popular because of its environmental protection feature. It does not need large boilers which eliminate environmental pollution caused by coal combustion.

Convenient operation by turning on motor button, Option for operating style

No need to wait for the boiler gas production process,It can be produced by turning on the motor power; easy to operate. The various actions required for the forging process such as striking, returning, slow-up, slow-down, emergency stop, and suspended hammer can be realized by hand or pedal operation alone.

“X” type guide rail

The hammer head adopts “X” type guide rail, which can effectively improve the guiding precision; The large hammer structure solves the problem of low precision of the free forging hammer and short life of the hammer rod; Automatic monitoring of faults in electrical systems and hydraulic systems ensures that there are no major safety incidents.

Tubeless design, integral forged steel design,unique single cone connection

The beams connecting the cylinders are all designed without pipelines. The cylinders of the master cylinders are integral forged steel parts, which greatly improves the service life of the connected cylinder beams; The connection between the hammer rod and the hammer head adopts a unique single cone connection method, which effectively reduces the breakage and disengagement of the hammer rod, and is convenient for loading and unloading.

Application field

Knives Forging

Wrought Iron

Hardware Making

Auto Spare Parts

Agricultural Implements

Engineering Machinery

Machinery Repairs

Pipes Making

Jewelry Processing

Rigging Forging

Mining Machinery

Valve Making

Details show

The hydraulic power hammer is mainly applied in batches production of all kinds of die forgings,such as automobile forgings,tractor forgings,agricultural equipment forgings, oil and gas industry die forgings, electrical power station die forgings and industrial forgings.

1. Working principle of liquid-gas hydraulic power hammer:
With electricity as the energy source, the hammer head is lifted by hydraulic pressure to establish the gravitational potential energy, and at the same time, the gas is stored in the compressed gas. Under the action of the gravity of the hammer head and the expansion thrust of the gas, the potential energy of the hammer head is converted into the kinetic energy of the hammer head, thereby hitting Forgings.

2. Working principle of full-hydraulic power hammer:
The lower part of the hammer rod piston often passes high-pressure oil, and the differential striking and return stroke are realized by controlling the oil inlet and oil discharge in the upper chamber of the hammer rod. When striking, the upper chamber of the hammer piston and the return line are closed, and the upper chamber of the hammer piston is connected to the lower chamber, and the oil from the lower chamber and the pressure oil provided by the oil pump enter the upper chamber to form a downward force. Under the action of the weight and the weight of the hammerhead, a fast differential strike is achieved. During the return journey, the upper chamber of the hammer piston is connected to the return line, and the pressure oil supplied by the oil pump enters the lower chamber of the hammer rod to realize the return stroke.


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