CNC Hydraulic Forging Hammer

CNC full hydraulic die forging hammer, also known as CNC electro-hydraulic hammer, program-controlled hammer or CNC hammer, can achieve any adjustment of the striking energy, prolong the working life of the mold and the hammer, and reduce the vibration of more than 80%.
With the rapid development of various industries such as automobile, motorcycle, railway and aerospace, the demand for forgings is gradually becoming lighter and more precise, while the traditional forging equipment such as belt hammer, steaming die forging hammer and friction press, their energy can not be precisely controlled, the precision of the forging is low, and it can not meet the demand for the development of forging precision.

Technical Advantages

High precision of forging, Multiple superimposed hits, Wide range of uses

The precision of forging is high, the dimensional error of forgings is ≤0.2mm, the weight error of forgings is ≤ ±0.3%, and the surface smoothness is high. The hitting energy can be superimposed. In the forging process, if a hammer is not enough, you can hit more times, so a small-sized hammer can forge a large piece. Wide range of uses. CNC hydraulic forging press can forge thin wall forgings, profiled parts that are not easy to fill the mold cavity, thin reinforced forgings and forgings with strict tolerances.

Long service life, high production efficiency

The mold life of CNC hammer is high. CNC hydraulic forging hammer has a fast hitting frequency and high production efficiency. The machine has good rigidity and strong anti-offset capability, which is suitable for multi-cavity forging.

Flexible thin hammer rod structure, forging in low temperature

The hammer rod is a flexible thin hammer rod structure without over-positioning and molding problems. It can be forged under “low temperature”. The forging has high surface smoothness and stable chemical properties. The impact energy can be precisely controlled by the program, the repeated forging precision is good, and the forging quality is stable.

Programmatic control, be suitable for automated production line

The striking step and the energy of each step can be controlled by using a program. The utilization rate of die forging materials is high. Reduced the requirements of the hammer for the level of worker’s operation. The integration of CNC hammer and forging robot can form an automated production line.

Application field

Knives Forging

Wrought Iron

Hardware Making

Auto Spare Parts

Agricultural Implements

Engineering Machinery

Machinery Repairs

Pipes Making

Jewelry Processing

Rigging Forging

Mining Machinery

Valve Making

Details show

CNC full-hydraulic die forging hammer is developed to meet the needs of forging precision development. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional forging equipment, can be programmed to control energy, and has high precision for forgings, which can form an automated production line. It is these advantages, CNC It is inevitable that the full hydraulic die forging hammer replaces the traditional forging equipment.
This CNC hammer has been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, hardware tools, engineering machinery, surgical instruments, stainless steel tableware, spreader rigging, coal mining machinery, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, railway and aerospace industries.
The numerical control hammer adopts the oil pump-accumulator drive, the lower chamber of the cylinder is connected to the normal pressure, and the hydraulic system controls the upper chamber separately.
The upper chamber striking valve is opened, and a total of three parts of high pressure oil from the oil pump, the accumulator and the lower chamber led by the differential circuit enters the upper chamber, thereby realizing the acceleration downward stroke and the striking stroke of the hammer head. Once the upper chamber is relieved, the hammer immediately returns quickly.
The precise control of the striking energy is achieved by the length of the closing time of the striking valve controlled by the digital control system.


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